Zelensky told about the conversation with the hostage-takers in luck

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he had spoken with the man who seized 13 hostages in a bus in Lutsk, about 10 minutes, and told why the assault was abandoned.

On Tuesday, the man with the explosives and weapons seized a bus in the center of Lutsk. After a day of negotiations, he surrendered to law enforcement officers, all 13 of the hostages, anybody from them has not suffered. The attacker is charged with four articles, including "act of terrorism". The turning point in the operation to release the hostages came after the execution Zelensky requirements of the attacker - the President urged Ukrainians to watch the movie "Earthlings". Deputy head of office Kirill Zelensky Tymoshenko said that the head of state spoke with hostage-taking man for about 15 minutes.

"We talked for 7-10 minutes. We agreed that he would make the first move. He dismissed several of our people. I asked him to release the injured, a pregnant woman and a child. He said that the wounded no, it was a bluff. It was therefore agreed that he will let go of three people and then I'll record the video. After the video released in the social network, he produces in half an hour all people. Something like this happened: 30-40 minutes, and he released the hostages... If we can do something without a storm, if we can not risk the life of even one person, then I... with such principles live, lived and will live," said Zelensky in videokommentar published by the edition "Ukrainian truth".

Zelensky warned that the attacker speaks to all of us no more than 10-15 seconds. "At first it was necessary to evaluate his claims, to assess whether it is adequate people. At the same time we had breaks in the meeting with the President of Switzerland, she understood everything. We keep control of everything that happens, because it was really a little unclear of the requirements, why it happens - it was necessary to understand. Then came more information about mining not only this bus, what luck there are still places," - said the President.

According to him, for nine hours with hostage takers talking everything from psychologists to negotiators, but he only wanted to fulfill their requirements.

"I once offered to do a sting operation that we don't know what would have ended. That is, it would be a quick storm, I'm sure he would be successful, but there is always the danger that people may die, someone may die, some number, and it is very dangerous," said Zelensky.