The cause tropical downpours in the Russian regions

Cause tropical downpours in the regions was the invasion of a cool, moist Atlantic air, said the center weather "Phobos".

According to weather forecasts, frontal wave that developed in the cold front on Wednesday will shift to the North and joins the main circulation of the vortex. After that, the weather in the South of Russia will get better, and the most extreme rains are expected in the southern Urals in the epicentre of the disaster will be Bashkiria and the Orenburg region.

In addition to the rains in the Urals region will come the cold. So, in Ufa by Thursday the thermometer column will fall to plus of 20 degrees, almost six degrees below normal.

In the southern regions, experts predict a return of the heat. In Krasnodar today, it is expected to 31-32 degrees, and in a weekend the temperature will reach 33-35 degrees plus.

In the early weeks of the floods caused by heavy rains destroyed bridges and houses in the town of Nizhniye Sergi, Sverdlovsk region. Most affected about 200 buildings, where more than 500 people. On the territory of the city was introduced emergency mode.