Named regions with the highest rate of alcoholism

The region with the highest rate of alcoholism in 2019 became Chukotka, reports RT with reference to data of the Ministry of health.

Under alcoholism refers to mental and behavioural disorders associated with alcohol use, including dependence syndrome from alcohol. In Chukotka recorded 275,9 new cases diagnosis of these disorders per 100 thousand population.

In second place was the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (141,5 case), and the third – Penza oblast (123,5 cases). This is followed by Sakhalin (116,6) and Magadan (116,1) region.

Least of all new cases of alcoholism recorded in Ingushetia (0,4), Chechnya (2,1), Dagestan (10,1), Krasnodar region (13) and St. Petersburg (13.7 per).

In General, over the past year in the country total number of patients first eligible to register with such problems was 70.9 thousand people, five thousand less than 2018.

According to the Ministry of health, over the past 15 years the incidence in the whole country decreased three times, from 147,4 cases per 100 thousand population in 2005 to 48.3 per event in 2019.