In Russia began flight tests of the latest attack helicopter

The latest transport-combat duty. Mi-8AMTSH-VN began flight testing, according to RIA Novosti General Director of holding "Helicopters of Russia" (included in rostec) Andrey Boginsky.

In turn, industrial Director of Rostec Aviacenter Anatoly Serdyukov said that the technical character of the Mi-8AMTSH-VN formed based on the experience of combat use of helicopters in modern military conflicts. In particular, high-altitude engines increased power, the new carrier system, advanced armament, enhanced protection and other features of the upgraded helicopter enhance the combat capabilities of the machine and allows to use it for special operations in the most difficult conditions.

"The first phase of testing is scheduled for completion in November. Further flights will connect two more machines of this type," — said Serdyukov.

Previously managing Director of "Ulan-Ude aviation plant" (UUAP, part of the "Helicopters of Russia"), Leonid Belykh said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the delivery of the Ministry of defense of Russia new special-purpose helicopters Mi-8AMTSH-VN is scheduled to begin in 2020. Prior to that, Boginsky said that the defense Ministry will receive the first batch in 2020-2021 years.

The Mi-8AMTSH-NR installed an updated armament. The main feature was the use on farms sphecodes course of two machine guns of 12.7 mm. In addition, it is equipped with new navigation equipment. To enhance the combat survivability relies on the combination of the "glass cockpit" and reliable analog devices.

The machine is equipped with a digital autopilot, improved efficiency of use at night. There are gyro-stabilized optical-electronic system, searchlight with an infrared emitter, dual-band lighting equipment. The helicopter adapted for the use of night vision goggles.

The mi-8AMTSH-EXT is equipped with a defense system lsz-8ВН, which automatically detects the launch of rockets on the helicopter, the interference puts the heads of their guidance, and throws a false thermal purposes. The cockpit and the main units of the helicopter protected by a new armor made of titanium alloy. To protect personnel the cargo compartment floor and also the helicopter up to the level of the Windows are covered with removable lightweight Kevlar armor.