China is not yet ready to open the passenger checkpoints on the border with Russia

China is not yet ready to open overland border crossing points on the border with Russia, it is also about the initiative of the Russian side on the organisation of temporary corridors on the border, said to RIA Novosti, the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Harbin Vladimir Oshchepkov.

"The situation with ground checkpoints on the Russian-Chinese border in the passenger direction remains the same. Despite the fact that regularly turn to the Chinese side with the initiative of the organization of temporary corridors on the border, is not yet ready for this," the diplomat said.

He noted that China is closely monitoring the epidemiological situation in the Russian border regions, where they continue to register new cases of coronavirus infection. According to the Russian oberstab, on the eve of Zabaykalsky Krai, for example, identified 25 new cases COVID-19.

"Of course, this raises suspicion among Chinese partners who are already faced with the "second" wave of the epidemic in April and I'm afraid of its recurrence. Then the local authorities (PRC ed.), frankly, did not cope with the large number of infected people arriving from abroad," added Oshchepkov.

According to him, to objectively understand the Chinese side, "it is very difficult to organize high-quality sanitary-epidemiological control at the land border, where the large passenger flow". "Therefore, China continued to keep open to the outside world only a few airports where it is implemented and efficiently functioning system for the identification and isolation of the virus carriers," added Oshchepkov.

He said that "now they (cargo checkpoints – ed.) are functioning as significantly limited in terms of the epidemic. If the border crossing "Border – Suifenhe" works only half of its capacity, then the automobile checkpoint "Zabaikalsk – Manchuria" is about a third of the volume of goods compared with the normal mode of operation".

The Consul General also added that "the sanitary-epidemiological services at border crossings continue to identify positive tests for coronavirus and truck drivers, and after every such case, it is necessary to put into quarantine all who had contact with sick people, carry out disinfection, which, of course, constrains the build-up of traffic".

"Nevertheless, I hope that the Russian-Chinese border crossings in the foreseeable future will be opened for passenger traffic. Will make the necessary efforts", - said the Agency interlocutor.