Emaciated violent frightened followers a photo after surgery

Singer Alexander Buinov has published in his Instagram photo after the operation, which aroused the anxiety of the subscribers.

The photographs depicted the singer in the hospital, it is possible to see patches and bandages. According to the artist, "something happened, what happened."

"And I will not say that, guess why chudno! I'll give a hint - there was an attack, it was bubo! And yet - after the operation became kinder because... half the country lives without it," wrote violent.

In the comments to the post subscribers of the singer wished him a speedy recovery, support has also made stars of domestic show-business.

"Get Up, Alexander! Good health to You and your family!" – wrote a user neymarnjr.

"Sanya! Get well soon." – wished the singer Lolita Milyavskaya.

"No pain!" – said the composer Igor Krutoy.

However, many commentators have suggested that violent had surgery to remove the gallbladder.

"Gallbladder removed?" asked lenulehcka.

"The gallbladder is removed, for sure," said yaso_chka.

"Stones In the gall..." - wrote arinalazareva23.

In April 2011, the violent had surgery to remove the tumor in the Moscow Oncology center named after Blokhin.