The bandits tried to take the balloon from the runway at the airport in Rio de Janeiro

A group of armed men invaded the Galeão international airport in Rio de Janeiro, intending to take from the runway crashed the balloon, opened fire and fled on a boat, reported the Federal police of Brazil.

According to media reports, on the night of Tuesday on the tarmac fallen 18-foot unmanned balloon, after which the attackers on motorcycles and cars, tried to take him out, but met resistance from security services and were forced to escape by boat. Two participants of the incident were arrested.

According to the management company of the airport, the work of the air port were not affected, the administration is working with the police in examining the records from surveillance cameras.

The launch of large unmanned balloons arranged in Brazil during the national holidays. It is forbidden by law, because it represents a danger to aviation and the environment - the ball drop with a working burner can cause a fire.