Zelensky complied with the hostage takers in luck

The man who seized 13 hostages in a bus in the Ukrainian Lutsk, after a day of negotiations, surrendered to the police. All hostages are released, none of them was hurt. The attacker is charged with four articles, including "attack" and "hostage-taking", he faces a long prison sentence.

The turning point in the operation to release the hostages came after the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky requirements of the attacker.

The attacker seized a bus in the center of Lutsk, about 9.25 GMT. He put forward the General requirements and stated dissatisfaction with the system. In particular, the man demanded that the President of Ukraine urged citizens to watch the film "Earthlings", about violence against animals.

In addition, hostage-taking man all day did not allow the enforcement agencies to transfer food and water to the passengers of the bus, he also did not let them down the toilet. To bring water to the hostages was only about 19.00 GMT. During the day the scene was occasionally heard explosions and gunshots.

In negotiations with the attacker joined the President of Ukraine. The Deputy head of his office Cyril Tymoshenko said that the head of state spoke with hostage-taking man for about 15 minutes.

"You know that the attacker was a requirement that the President and others have published some posts. The President personally made the decision to get in touch with this attacker. He held a telephone conversation in which the President spoke, maybe 15 minutes. In the end, the President persuaded him to release three people. It was an elderly woman and a pregnant 15-year-old boy", - said Tymoshenko.

After a while Zelensky was published in a four-second Facebook video, which fulfilled the requirement of the attacker and uttered the phrase "the Movie "Earthlings" in 2005, view all".

"The President has decided to publish the video you saw to the release of other hostages. Was made an agreement, everything went well", - said Tymoshenko.

Approximately 21.40 (same as GMT) to the bus with the hostages drove the van, which left the special forces. Then from the captured bus got a man, presumably an intruder. To him immediately ran up a few commandos, took him off to the side, laid on the ground and twisted his arms behind his back. After that, the bus began to get the hostages. At the same time near the bus explosion. However, as later clarified the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, the explosion used law enforcement to divert attention.

"The staff of the special operations center "A" of the SBU (security Service of Ukraine) jointly with the National police released in luck 13 hostages and arrested the armed terrorists who seized the city center by Shuttle bus "Berestechko - Krasnylivka" passengers," - said the press service of the security service Telegram.

Zelensky congratulated everyone with the release of the hostages and added that "terrorism has no place in any country".

"Welcome everyone, who all day fought for the liberation of people in luck and actually - for their lives. We all have experienced and followed the development of events, accumulating plans and changed them, given the situation. Human life is the most important value. We have not lost anyone. Today, relatives and friends can embrace all who suffered in the bus at gunpoint. Terrorism has no place in any country," - wrote the head of state in Telegram.

After the release of the hostages Zelensky removed from your page video, publications demanded by an attacker.

The interior Minister after the release of the hostages said that the seized bus in luck the man is a disturbed man.

"He's an unstable man. He drew his own world in his head, he came up with his revenge to the world, he formulated some theses," - said Avakov.

In turn, the first Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine Yevhen Koval said that the invader "was acting weird", was in a nervous state.

"But towards the end he understood that we perform our duties accordingly, fragments of the talks, some psychological factors did the trick", he said.

The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko reported that the attacker would conduct a psychiatric examination and will elect a measure of restraint.

"It will be detention without alternatives, and it will continue to be responsible for what he did. He is charged with a terrorist act, hostage-taking. But due to the fact that no one died, maybe he will get a life sentence and a long prison term," - said Gerashchenko on air of TV channel NewsOne.

He believes that the attacker wanted to be famous.

The hostage-takers claimed that in luck in a public place the explosive device that he can activate at any time. The offender also claimed that his death will not exclude the possibility of an explosion.

Later Avakov said that the man was bluffing, no second explosive device, the police never found.

The head of the antiterrorist center of the SBU Ruslan Baranetsky said that the invader had help, some have already been detained.

In turn Avakov said that one of the accomplices arrested few hours ago in Kharkiv.

"There we seized several weapons, ammunition, explosives, and so forth," - said the Minister.

The national police of Ukraine decided to strengthen security measures in nine regions of the country.

"To ensure the safety of citizens, the leadership of the National police of Ukraine adopted the decision about strengthening of measures to ensure public safety and order on the territory of Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions", - is spoken in the police message in Facebook.

The Ministry said that these activities are conducted to prevent terrorist acts.

"In the Central parts of the regional centres and in public places where there may be a significant number of citizens of these regions, provided the duty police outfits. Their membership also includes members of the National guard of Ukraine. Law enforcement officers patrol the streets settlements, the territory of bus stations and train stations. In addition, the entrances and exits of the regional centers exhibited mobile posts," added the police.

Militiamen also have started to check the documents of all suspicious persons. it is Noted that the particular attention the police pay to suspicious items that can accommodate hazardous materials.

The Ukrainian authorities have begun to fulfill the demands of the terrorist in luck, because intelligence agencies have been unable to free the hostages, said the honorary President of the international Association of veterans of anti-terror unit "Alfa" Sergey Goncharov.

"Apparently, the intelligence agencies of Ukraine reported Zelensky, that they can't solve the problem either by negotiation or by force. And if they realized that without a large number of the hostages, this operation will not be possible, then, apparently, they agreed on this act of surrender and Zelensky will meet the requirements," - said RIA Novosti Goncharov.