Artistic Director of Theatre of satire has denied information about the reason for leaving Dobronravova

Artistic Director of Theatre of satire Alexander Shirvindt has denied in an interview with "Evening Moscow" about the fact that Fedor Dobronravov left the theatre because of dissatisfaction with monetary rewards.

Previously head of the troupe of Theatre of satire Bronislaw Chunikhin said that the conflict with the artist due to the fact that he didn't want to go towards the theatre and to abandon third-party work. According to her, the management offered him the conditions under which he would pay only for the days worked at the theater, after which the artist decided to leave.

"This is nonsense!" — said the Director. According to him, the level of salary I was worth.

Shirvindt also called the possible resumption of cooperation with the artist in the future. "He has his own office and workshop. He will play performances," added the artistic Director.

In June Dobronravov wrote a letter of resignation from the Theater of satire on their own. He explained that he acted in theater for 16 years and tired. The actor also said that no one was fighting.