The United States urged Turkey to abolish any plans of action in the area of Kastelorizo

US calls on Turkey to cancel any plans of action near the island of kastellorizo and to avoid increasing tension with Greece, said on Wednesday RIA Novosti the representative of the state Department.

The hydrographic service of Antalya on Tuesday released the international Navtex warning about the seismic research to the South and East of the island of kastellorizo from 21 July to 2 August. In Ankara it was announced that a research ship Oruc Reis will be in the area. There was also a 15 Turkish military vehicles. For this reason the Hellenic armed forces have been alerted across the country.

"The United States is aware that Turkey issued a Navtex warning about the research in disputed waters in the East Mediterranean sea. We call on the Turkish authorities to stop all action plans and to avoid steps that can lead to increased tension in the region," he said.

Kastelorizo, the most remote island of Greece, from him to the nearest Greek coast more than 10 kilometers, and to Turkey - only 2 kilometers.