Chapter DHS USA: protesters in Portland not aim to peace

The protests that for more than a month are held in the U.S. city of Portland (Oregon) are not of a peaceful nature, their members have as their aim attacks on Federal law enforcement officials, said acting Minister for internal security of the United States Chad Wolfe.

According to him, the protesters also caused damage to city property.

"The city authorities of Portland are doing nothing or almost nothing to stop or disperse the crowd. These people have lasers (laser pointers - ed), baseball bats, explosive, firecrackers, pipe, glass bottle, flammable liquid and other weapons aimed at Federal law enforcement authorities", - said the acting Minister.

Wolfe said that a total of 4 July, Federal authorities arrested in the town of 43 people.

He also said that contrary to reports in the media in the city were not soldiers and border police who wear camouflage and are subject to DHS. The appearance of people in military uniform without insignia had previously caused sharp discontent among politicians and the public both in Oregon and at the Federal level.

Earlier, the attorney General of Oregon, where Portland, Ellen Rosenblum announced its intention to file a lawsuit against several Federal law enforcement agencies for their actions during the protests in Portland, where the riots have not stopped for a month and a half. Mayor Ted Wheeler also demanded the withdrawal of Federal forces from Portland, arrived on the eve of independence Day on 4 July. Since then, they have provided protection to the Federal courthouse and helped the local police to disperse the protests.

A number of Democrats in the house of representatives of the us Congress asked the General inspectors of the Ministry of justice and Ministry of internal security to carry out an inspection in relation to the actions of these agencies during the dispersal of riots in Portland. In addition, Senate Democrats have prepared a bill, which intended to limit the powers of Federal law enforcement.