The German media praised the actions Zelensky on the situation in Lutsk

The decision of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky perform "crazy request" men who seized hostages in luck, that could cause the wannabe terrorist, write German media.

Zelensky previously complied with the men who seized hostages in a bus in Lutsk, and called on all in Facebook to watch the film "Earthlings" on the problem of animal cruelty. After the man was detained, the President had deleted the post in Facebook.

As writes portal Klamm.de, "observers fear that Zelensky, who holds the position for a year, by request, can provoke imitators from among third-party observers".

The main part of the German press, including der Spiegel, Die Welt and the tabloid BILD, are not reported until the story of the execution by the President of the terrorist demands, limit myself to mentioning that "Zelensky personally spoke with the occupant of the hostages."

On Tuesday, the man in the center of Lutsk seized a bus with passengers, and if he had explosives and weapons, the security service of Ukraine has classified it as a terrorist attack. According to militiamen, the malefactor has put forward the General requirements and stated dissatisfaction with the system. He demanded, in particular, to the President of Ukraine has recorded a video message urging to watch the movie "Earthlings". After negotiations that lasted more than 10 hours, Zelensky fulfilled the requirement, all 13 hostages managed to be released, no one was hurt. The man was detained, he was elected a measure of restraint.