The Russians return currency deposits for the second month in a row

The Russians in June continued return of currency to deposits - their volume for the month increased by 593 million dollars, from the data of the CBR. Experts told RIA Novosti that such dynamics is connected with fears of the Russians about further weakening of the ruble and the inability to go on holiday abroad.

At the beginning of 2020, the Russian investors have kept in credit institutions in foreign currency 96.5 billion, however, for the first four months of the current year taken from the banks of 8.3 billion dollars. In may the Russians began to actively re-open the deposits in foreign currency - then deposits grew by $ 721 million dollars.

The Russians continued to return currency to deposits in banks and in June they have grown on 0,67%, and by 1 July amounted to 89,6 billion dollars.

On the other hand, he notes, on the inflow of deposits will affect the economic situation. "If the sharp second wave will not be possible to expect a gradual inflow of foreign currency deposits, however, more and more people are looking in one direction to the stock market where you can get a higher income," - said the expert.

Associate Director on Bank ratings Agency "Expert RA" Vyacheslav Putilov noted that among the factors, which influence on the growth of deposits in foreign currency may be the currency fluctuations, as well as the inability of foreign leisure trips, as the main growth concentrated in foreign currency balances with maturities up to 30 days. Senior managing Director of rating Agency Alexander Proklov NKR believes that this process will continue, although in General to achieve the level of the beginning of the year "so far away".