In Russia ended with the sudden check of combat readiness of troops

The event ended with a sudden check the combat readiness of the armed forces, held from 17 to 21 July, on the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the Russian defense Ministry.

It is noted that the troops and forces of the southern military district, a part of the military control bodies and troops of the WMD, the compounds of the airborne forces, as well as formations and military units the Navy marine corps return to places of permanent deployment. The defense Ministry said that the audit staffs of formations and military units were brought to the highest degree of combat readiness.

The test results will be considered in the admission of associations, connections and military units of the armed forces to participate in the strategic command and staff exercises "Caucasus-2020".

Everything from armed forces to the sudden check of combat readiness was involved about 150 thousand troops, nearly 400 aircraft, more than 26 thousand units of armament, military and special equipment, more than 100 ships and support vessels.