In Ukraine, have brought two cases against the taking of hostages in luck

The interior Ministry and the security Service of Ukraine opened two criminal cases against the men who seized hostages in luck, he is accused of hostage-taking, the encroachment on life of law enforcement, illegal handling of weapons and the attack, reported the press service of the interior Ministry on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday, the man in the center of Lutsk took the bus, where there were about 20 passengers, and if he had explosives and weapons, the security service of Ukraine has classified it as a terrorist attack. According to militiamen, the malefactor has put forward the General requirements and stated dissatisfaction with the system, demanded, in particular, to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has recorded a video message urging to watch the movie "Earthlings". After negotiations that lasted more than 10 hours, Zelensky has done, then managed to release all 13 hostages that were in the bus, no one was hurt. The man was detained, he was elected a measure of restraint.

"On the fact of hostage-taking in Lutsk, the police opened criminal proceedings under article 147 of the Criminal code (taking of hostages), article 348 (attempt on the life of the employee of law enforcement body) and article 263 (illegal handling of weapons). SBU opened criminal proceedings under article 258 (Terrorist act)," reads a statement on the website of the Ministry.

Deputy interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko added that law enforcement officers will conduct work at the site of hostage-taking all night to restore the whole picture of events.

"In the synagogue in Lutsk, the night will work with police forensics. With each weapon, with each grenade will be fingerprinted, searched all hairs, dust particles and DNA to identify possible accomplices and the sources of origin of the firearms. A lot of work ahead to restore the whole picture of events," wrote Gerashchenko in his Facebook.