For the year of the truce in LNR killed three people, was declared in Luhansk

Three civilians were killed and 40 injured in the self-proclaimed Luhansk people's Republic as a result of actions of the Ukrainian security forces during the year of the indefinite ceasefire declared in the Donbass, said the representative LNR at the political subgroup of the contact group Rodion Miroshnik.

July 21, 2019 in the Donbass acts consistent contact group's indefinite ceasefire.

"Twenty first of July 2019 was agreed in Minsk indefinite cease-fire. De jure, it operates to this day, but de facto- AFF (armed forces of Ukraine - ed.) broke it after a few hours. Then I made a commitment to him, and again broken. Later offered to negotiate a new regime, that was not so clearly, but no," wrote Miroshnik in his Telegram channel.

According to data provided by Miroshnik, 21 July 2019 as a result of actions of the Ukrainian security forces in the Republic killed three civilians, 40 people were injured, destroyed or damaged 485 houses.

"Now you can take a close look at the numbers, behind which the lives and destinies of people who allegedly defended the "truce" agreed upon already at Zelensky. How then asserted, "the President of the world", - said the representative LNR.