Expert: Zelensky negotiating with terrorists is easier than with the DNI and LC

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was easier to negotiate with hostage takers in luck than with representatives of the self-proclaimed DND and LNR, said Russian expert, member of the Council for interethnic relations under the RF President Bogdan Bezpalko.

Zelensky previously complied with the men who seized hostages in a bus in Lutsk, and called on all in Facebook to watch the film "Earthlings" on the problem of animal cruelty. After the man was detained, the President had deleted the post in Facebook. While Kiev for more than five years conducting a military operation in the Donbass against the LC and the DNI, which declared independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. Authorities of Ukraine called the militia terrorists. In direct negotiations with Donbass, Kiev is not.

In an interview with RIA Novosti Bespalko noted that Zelensky personally negotiated with terrorists and even carried out his demands, with direct talks with the self-proclaimed DND and LNR Kiev is not.

"In any case, to satisfy the demand of the terrorist urge to watch the film "Earthlings" 2005 incomparably easier than to go on a direct dialogue with the Donbass and to meet the wishes of the residents of Donbas autonomy, Amnesty, the granting of the status of the Russian language. So Zelensky and went to this step, moreover, the roller can be removed," said Bezpalko.

He suggested that if the requirement was more absurd, the Ukrainian President to run it would not. "Zelensky reminded myself, but still in a positive way," - said the expert.

"Place the video much easier, than to solve the problem of Donbass, you have to deal with for decades... the Film (which called for all to watch Zelensky on demand hostage takers) is instructive, but it is a pity that care about animals, but about people who live in the Donbass, no. They apparently consider worse than animals", - concluded the analyst.