SBU called a number of hostages in luck

Thirteen hostages were released from the bus in Lutsk on Tuesday, reported the press center of the security Service of Ukraine.

"The staff of the special operations Center "A" of the SBU, jointly with the National police released in luck 13 hostages and arrested the armed terrorists who seized the city center by Shuttle bus "Berestechko - Krasnylivka" passengers," - said the press service of the Telegram.

Earlier it was reported that in the center of Lutsk, the man seized a bus with about 20 hostages, if he himself had explosives and weapons. In the field introduced operational plan "Hostage". As the head of national police region Yuri Krochko, the attacker could forward the General requirements and stated dissatisfaction with the system. The man eventually released the hostages, and he was detained by the police.

Deputy interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the attacker himself called the police the police introduced himself as Maxim Bad, it was later established that it is a native of Russia, twice convicted of serious crimes Maxim Compressor.

Police have opened a criminal case under article "hostage-taking" and the security Service opened a criminal case under article "terrorist act."