Zelensky fulfilled the requirement of the terrorists who seized the hostages in luck

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky met the requirements of the men seized a bus with hostages in luck.

As reported by the head of national police in Volyn region Yuri Crosco, terrorists put forward the General requirements and expressed dissatisfaction with the system. In particular, he demanded that the head of state urged citizens to watch the film "Earthlings".

"The movie "Earthlings" in 2005, view all," said Zelensky in a video published on his page in Facebook.

"Earthlings" is an American documentary that is devoted to the problem of cruel treatment with animals, and harm livestock and fisheries on a global scale.

On the morning of 21 July, the man was captured about 20 hostages in a bus in the center of Lutsk. It is noted that he got explosives and weapons. The police introduced the plan "Hostage".

Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the attacker himself called the police and introduced himself as Maxim the Bad. Later found that it is a native of Russia, Maxim Compressor, twice convicted for serious crimes.

He said that in a public place installed explosive device with a remote control, and he is ready to blow it up and the bus in the event of a storm.

Originally brought a criminal case under article "hostage-taking", but then the SBU described the attacker as a terrorist attack.

In the evening, the police managed to release three hostages.

The terrorist in the air Lviv TV channel "NTA", said that people are in a bad state, among them one pregnant woman, a child, one of the hostages wounded.