A million per child. Prepare a new candidate for US President

Family revelations, tears and arguments about abortion — that memorable first public performance of the newly-minted presidential candidate U.S. rapper Kanye West. He was put on the ballot only in Oklahoma, but extravagant election campaign has already started. Meanwhile, the real contenders — Joe Biden and Donald trump are in a race whose outcome is more unpredictable.

The American rapper, producer and designer Kanye West many titles: European champion, a Grammy — award 21, the best-selling musician, a regular in the Forbes list, one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Now Kanye is aiming for the presidency at the head of the "Birthday Party".

The campaign began loudly with a closed rally in Charleston, South Carolina. The candidate looked extravagant in a simple black t-shirt and flak jacket, with a shaved nape-the numbers 2020. Spoke without a microphone, shouting to the audience. We are talking about abortion, and the actor burst into tears. I remembered that dad was "too busy" and the mother wanted to terminate the pregnancy. "And I nearly killed daughter," said the rapper. When his wife, the TV show star Kim Kardashian, was pregnant, he was wondering whether to keep the baby or not. Sentimentality, the rapper offered "to all who have children, one million dollars."

The next day he said that Kardashian has addressed for the help to the doctor to lock up her husband at home. In early July, TMZ, citing insiders wrote: close the West I worry about worsened if he had bipolar disorder. Previously, the artist mentioned that the drugs used to treat mental illness takes not always.

The fighters for the rights of African Americans reaction to the West's ambiguous, although some believe that it will draw black voters in Joe Biden. And yet, as it will extend the "Schrodinger's candidate" — the big question. Too his campaign like a new album.

The intention to run Kanye said in independence Day, the 4th of July. A former fan of Donald trump renounced the incumbent President with the words: "I remove the red cap (the symbol of support for trump. — Approx. ed.)".

Now in the database of the Federal election Commission including 1144 of the applicant. Among them are the namesake of rapper — Kanye diz NATs West and someone under the name "Your mom".

Apply to the electoral Commission, anyone can. The form is simple, no experience in politics is required. But one rule is: five thousand dollars on the campaign. The Federal Commission is mainly engaged in the control of financing and does not waste time checking and screening of strange characters. It is the task of the regional divisions.

Electoral rules in different States. For example, in Florida the registration of candidates has closed, and many here will end. To get in the regular lists is the first step on the way to the presidency. You need to collect a certain number of signatures or pay a fee. Did West in Oklahoma listed 35 thousand dollars.

If a rapper really has applied to the Federal Commission (and this is questionable), it must within one month to disclose their finances to the public. Usually after that, go to the campaign. However, the musician began with the end — with the usual speeches before the public.

Meanwhile, Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald trump getting ready to race. Their officially nominated in August after the party Congress. Public event due to state of emergency I've left.

In the background is not reduced in the U.S. epidemic, the ratings of the head of state came down. His opponent is gaining popularity, and in so-called swing States — largely depends on the outcome of the vote. For example, in Pennsylvania it is supported by 52% of voters, and trump's 42%.

The gap is ten per cent average, says the survey by the New York Times/Siena College. According to Fox News, the difference in the popularity of Biden and trump — eight percent: 49 and 41, respectively. CNN has estimated that over Biden now serves 55% of the electorate.

Representatives of both parties are desperately trying to discredit opponents. The Democrats said misinformation about the impending attack on the Congress, demanded that FBI to brief and warn every member of Parliament. The threat allegedly linked to an attempt okolorossiysky forces to undermine the Biden campaign.

Trump was charged with failure anticorrosiveness measures, the support of the supporters of the idea of the superiority of the white race, the unwillingness to reform police against the backdrop of unrest, too friendly with respect to strategic rivals and "revisionists" — Russia and China.

Biden to recall the incidents of harassment and suspected senile dementia (he is 78 years old). Besides, his opponents are hyping the scandal of the corrupt ties of the former Vice-President of the Ukraine.

But the polls do not reflect the real situation. Voters do not always answer honestly, and their opinion changes depending on the situation. But in the troubled country: the fall of the economy, the epidemic, continuous meetings, accompanied by the demolition of monuments to historical figures. In such circumstances, it is difficult to say who has more chances to win.