The police have not yet found traces of arson in the Cathedral in Nantes

Signs confirming the version of arson in the Cathedral of Nantes, yet, the fire may be accidental in nature, said the interior Minister of France Gerald Darmanin.

The fire in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes happened last Saturday, July 18. The fire was completely destroyed, in particular, a large body of the Cathedral. The Prosecutor's office of Nantes announced the launch of the investigation on suspicion of intentional arson of the Cathedral. On Sunday, police arrested 39-year-old man, who was a volunteer in the temple and had to close the door the day of the fire. The same day he was released, he was not charged with any crime.

"At the moment there is nothing that would indicate criminal acts," said Darmanin, answering questions of deputies Natssobraniya (lower house of Parliament).

However, the Minister noted that the investigation is conducted. "The man who was arrested (in the investigation) were released... It's (fire in the Cathedral - ed.) can have a random character," added the Minister.