The White house said that the tramp has saved millions of Americans from coronavirus

Press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makineni claims that the President of the United States Donald trump his recommendations for the quarantine saved millions of American lives.

Quarantine in most cases, introduced local authorities at the level of States and counties, the Federal government only has spread recommendations. Trump initially opposed the quarantine, then recognized it as a necessary measure, and subsequently began to call for the early opening up of the economy with observance of security measures.

"It was the right decision, the President saved 3-4 million lives. But we must consider another side to the health data - the impact on Americans of a long-term quarantines," said Makineni at a press conference. So, according to her, the diagnosis of cancer during quarantine has declined by 80%, and this also leads to death.

The trump also attributed to himself the merit that escaped death two million people in the United States from the coronavirus.

USA leads the world in the sad statistics of deaths — more than 140 thousand died of the patients with COVID-19 and more than 3.8 million cases of infection.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world revealed more than 14.3 million infections, more than 600 thousand people died.