Special envoy: US not planning to build nuclear hypersonic weapons

The US does not plan to build a nuclear hypersonic weapons, said the special envoy of the U.S. President for arms control Marshall Billingsley.

"Hypersonic (weapons) involves a number of advantages. I think that the US wants no nuclear weapons in this region, and conventional hypersonic weapons (non-nuclear – ed.)," said Billingsley at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs.

Billingsley noted that hypersonic weapons will equalize the combat capabilities of the US with China and Russia, especially in the Pacific region.

"We need to seriously increase the number of tests of various hypersonic systems and in the army and Navy, and potentially in the air force. It is fair to say that we are lagging behind, in particular from the Chinese testing program, and the Russian has placed two nuclear hypersonic weapons on heavy Intercontinental ballistic missiles", - he said.

Billingsley added that soon Russia will have other samples that will be placed on ICBMs "Sarmat" after posing for service.

On Tuesday, the Committee consider Billingsley to the position of Deputy Secretary of state for arms control and international security.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018 in the message to Federal meeting has told about new types of strategic weapons, including hypersonic systems "Dagger", "vanguard", "Thunderbird" military laser "Peresvet", as well as an underwater drone with a nuclear power plant "Poseidon."