The United States accused two citizens of China of hacking into networks of us companies

The U.S. Department of justice accused two citizens of China in cooperation with Chinese intelligence agencies to break into computers of a half dozen U.S. companies.

The indictment States that the defendants Lee and Xiaoyu Dong Csaci stole trade secrets worth hundreds of millions of dollars from a number of companies, research centers and military-industrial corporations. They also tried to hack companies that are engaged in research to combat coronavirus, according to the indictment.

Assistant US attorney General for national security John Damer said that the activities of hackers lasted about 10 years and affected a number of countries around the world. "No country is immune from this," said Demer at the subsequent press conference.

According to him, the affected companies were engaged in new materials, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, defense, manufacturing, robots, solar energy and other developments. Also, according to him, Li Xiaoyu and Dong Csaci tried to hack into the computers of NGOs, clerics and activists in the United States, mainland China and Hong Kong.

According to Demara, hackers worked "partly for their own profit, but was ready to come to the aid of the state." He accused China of harboring cybercriminals.

The US has in the past accused China of hacking attempts to steal secrets of the developed vaccines against coronavirus, China denies the accusations.