The US urged Russia to stop development of a "flying Chernobyl"

US calls on Russia to stop development and introduction of new types of missiles with nuclear engine, said special envoy of the U.S. President for arms control Marshall Billingsley.

"We believe that such weapons should not even exist. Why bother to have a cruise missile with a nuclear engine? It is nothing like a flying Chernobyl. Just imagine what a radioactive release will be (it) create in-flight. There is no logic that would justify (the existence) of these systems the day of judgment. I spoke directly to its Russian partners that it is spending huge amounts of money, and they need to stop these destabilizing developments," said Billingsley at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs.

On Tuesday, the Committee shall consider the candidacy Billingsley to the position of Deputy Secretary of state for arms control and international security.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018 in the message to Federal meeting has told about new types of strategic weapons, including hypersonic systems "Dagger", "vanguard", "Thunderbird" military laser "Peresvet", as well as an underwater drone with a nuclear power plant "Poseidon."

Previously, the Pentagon has acknowledged the lag of Russia and China in the production of hypersonic weapons. Russian experts estimated a delay of approximately five years.

Question on the latest weapons was discussed at the Russian-American consultations on strategic stability in Vienna on 22 and 23 June 2020.