An American vessel arrived in Greece 3 thousands of Marines in NATO exercise

U.S. transport ship Endurance Vehicles Carrier delivered to Greece 3 thousand Marines, military vehicles and equipment to participate in the NATO exercise Atlantic Resolve 2020, reported the website kranosgr.com. A message published on Twitter, U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Ukraine Jeffrey Payette.

The ship is on the roadstead of the port of Alexandroupolis in Northern Greece.

"This is one of the largest transports of the us armed forces, which is involved in the NATO exercise Atlantic Resolve 2020", - writes the edition.

The exercise will take place in Romania, equipment sent there by railroad.

"Transportation of troops and military equipment will begin on Thursday, July 23, in the presence of the Minister of national defence Nikos Panayotopoulos, the US Ambassador in Athens Jeffrey Payette and head of the General staff Lieutenant General Constantinos Floros, who will arrive in Alexandroupolis aboard a military plane," - reports the edition.