The US wants to create a coalition to combat the "China threat"

The US wants to create a coalition to combat the "China threat", said us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

"U.S. wants all sovereign States recognized the threat posed by China and the Communist party of China. All countries should respond to the behavior of China... We think that the whole world must work together in order to support and strengthen the system of international relations," Pompeo said at a press conference in London on Tuesday.

According to him, "the Communist party of China dishonest use of crisis coronavirus".

"We need to understand the threat posed by the Communist party of China," added Pompeo.

He also thanked the UK for the fact that after the US refused to use the equipment of Chinese company Huawei, networks of the 5G standard.

"The United States supports an independent choice. The Prime Minister's decision was dictated by the fact that Britain is the best," said Pompeo.

The head of the foreign office, Dominic Raab, in turn, said that he had held a productive discussion with an American colleague. The Ministers discussed the situation in Hong Kong, the middle East and the arms embargo against Iran.

Asked about the decision on Huawei, the British Minister stressed that it was not dictated by the US.

"Britain has not received any instructions from US at Huawei we had a constructive discussion," said Raab.