Dr. Komorowski called signs of bad fathers

. Many men are trying to shift responsibility for the upbringing of the children from the spouse, however, this approach is fundamentally wrong, says pediatrician and TV host Yevgeny Komarovsky

"Daddy is such a mythical creature with the child in the afternoon with fire will not find, and which no responsible decision is not accepted", — he said in a video on his YouTube channel.

Komorowski noted that many men still believe that their main objective is making money, and could not participate in their children's lives. According to him, the future they are preparing fatherhood is less serious than the purchase of a car. This approach pediatrician called paradoxical and delusional.

He explained that if the father understands education, he will be able to more sensibly look at the situation and to give advice to his wife.

"If you will assume full responsibility for Ekologicheskie solution, then you will be able to organize the mode of the day, your child will actually sleep at night when you will sleep next to the woman that is smiling, cheerful, adequate," he said.

Komorowski stressed that children need fathers who are always near, I take full responsibility for their education and enjoy the time with your child.

The doctor also recommended that expectant parents not to rely on relatives, grandparents, as they are not experts in raising children.