Media: the sun of Greece has resulted in the increased readiness because of the actions of Turkey

The Hellenic armed forces are on high alert because of the intent of Turkey to begin the study near the island of kastellorizo, according to Greek media.

According to the newspaper "Kathimerini", the Hydrographic service of Antalya reported research to the South and East of kastellorizo, from today until 2 August. In Ankara it was announced that a research ship Oruc Reis will be in the area, and for this reason the armed forces were put on alert across the country, the newspaper said.

According to her, over the last few hours increased activity at the naval base Aksaz, came out 15 ships, which caused alarm in Athens and the Navy, which is in a state of high alert.

The newspaper reported that chief of General staff of national defence Mr. Konstantinos Floros returned to Athens from Cyprus, where he arrived on the eve of the anniversary of the Turkish invasion in 1974.

"It is noted that Athens is ready to fuel the General crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean in the period before the fall, as recently, there are signs that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to speed up development in the region. Possible increased Turkish activity will be directed either at preventing agreement on the demarcation of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) between Greece and Egypt, or to speed up the development of events before the election in the US and while the Europeans work at the summer rate," - the newspaper writes.

Kastelorizo island was at the center of disputes between Greece and Turkey on the delimitation of Maritime zones and the determination of the exclusive economic zone. As stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, the tiny island of kastellorizo area of 10 square kilometers, which is located two kilometers from the Turkish coast and at a distance of 570 kilometers from the Greek continental States, cannot have a continental shelf or EEZ with an area of 40 thousand square kilometers. Turkish officials find it unacceptable that the island creates a zone of Maritime jurisdiction in 4 thousand times more than its own area.

Greece says it Kastelorizo – inhabited island, he has the same rights in the Maritime zones and continental areas, regardless of its size.