Erdogan said that Turkey does not recognize the parliamentary elections in Syria

Ankara considers null and void the results of the parliamentary elections in Syria, said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"A few days ago in Syria, elections were held. More precisely, it was a pseudo. And where the reaction to them from countries that call themselves Champions of democracy? Turkey is forced to stand up for the oppressed in Syria and to protest," - said Erdogan, speaking in Ankara.

He added that Turkey will keep its military presence in Syria until then, "while the Syrian people will gain freedom and peace."

Parliamentary elections were held on Sunday only on the territory of Syria with the division of the districts where each is entitled to vote only at the place of permanent residence. An exception was made in all elections during the war in the country for the citizens, who fled from the territories seized by terrorists. For residents of the provinces of Idlib and raqqa, the authorities took additional boxes in their places of temporary residence. Syrian citizens residing outside the country, according to the laws of the country can not participate in the vote.