The hostages remain on the bus in luck for more than seven hours

Maxim Compressor (Bad) on Tuesday morning seized a bus in the center of the Ukrainian Lutsk. According to police, took hostage about 20 people. Invader said that among those who are in the bus, there are children and pregnant women. For more than seven hours on the bus heard the shots.

The attacker stated that it has a lot of automatic weapons and grenades. Also, according to Krivosha, the bus is mined and set another explosive device in a public place of luck, he said in an interview with the local newspaper that will blow both bombs in the event of an attempted assault.

Invader requires that representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, politicians and Church leaders recorded a video message in which would have recognized themselves terrorists. He also wants the attention of journalists and to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky urged citizens to watch the film "Earthlings".

As the Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, on Tuesday at 9.25 (same as GMT) the police called the unidentified man had a Bad Maxim and reported that they took hostage the passengers of a public bus in the Theatre square in the city centre. He also said that is in possession of explosives and weapons.

In support of this man periodically shoots, including, according to local media, were heard in the queue of machine shots. After more than seven hours in the bus with hostages, the man continues to shoot. In addition, he threw a grenade towards militiamen, but it did not explode, as it was not pulled out of the check. The bomb squad neutralized it. Later, at 15.20, the invader has thrown off the bus, an unknown explosive device which exploded.

According to law enforcement, several Windows in the bus damaged by gunfire, but information about the victims, police have no. Security forces blocked the center of Lutsk, introduced operational plan "Hostage" and conducted the evacuation of residents of the houses adjacent to the area to ensure their safety. In a city strapped military equipment. The security service of Ukraine urged residents to stay home or at work.

In connection with the incident, police filed a case under article "capture of hostages with the threat of annihilation of people", punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of seven to 15 years. However, Deputy interior Minister of Ukraine did not rule out that later the case perekvalificirovat in terrorism.

A few hours after capture of hostages the police managed to establish the identity of the man who introduced himself as Maxim the Bad. He was a local resident Maxim Compressor 1975 year of birth, born in the village of Gai, Orenburg region, USSR.

According to Gerashchenko, he has twice served sentences for serious crimes. Together, in prison he spent ten years. In particular, according to Gerashchenko, in 1994, Lutsk city court in Volyn region Krivosha condemned under articles "robbery", "fraud", "extortion" and "illegal carrying, storage, acquisition, manufacture and sale of firearms or cold weapons, ammunition and explosives".

In addition, in 2005, the same court recognized Krivosha guilty under articles "fraud with financial resources", "robbery", "extortion" and "illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives".

Gerashchenko said that in the Internet authored by Maxim Bad is the book "the Philosophy of criminal," describing the author's stay in prison and his views on life.

On the eve of the taking of hostages Compressor has published on its Youtube channel a video message. He sat with the gun in his hand and a black beret and stated that dissatisfied with the system. Later the social network has blocked this video and deleted the account.

Also their requirements during the stay in the bus, he published in Twitter. In particular, he wanted the country's top officials, including the head of state has recorded a video message with a statement that they recognize themselves to be "terrorists-in-law". In addition, he demanded Zelensky to encourage the Ukrainians to watch the movie "Earthlings", and from journalists to pay attention to its requirements. But the account in this social network was removed.

Compressor also periodically communicates with the relatives of the hostages with their mobile phones and demands that its requirements were given to the journalists.

Zelensky said that over the liberation of the people are professionals, and the situation he holds on personal control. "We have the situation fully under control. I know all the details. I talk with our experts who are in luck. Working professionals, do everything to free our hostages. Given the on-going communication with the person who captured our citizens, I can't more to talk about it", he said.

The luck came the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who, according to local media, personal contact with the invader. Also into place there arrived the head of the Antiterrorist center at the security service of Ukraine Ruslan Baraniecki. They say that doing everything possible so that the situation was resolved without casualties.

In the first hours of hostage-taking Compressor refused to make contact with law enforcement officers in the city, according to police, SWAT was ready to disarm the attacker. Later, however, according to Avakov, Compressor still went to negotiate. The Minister also noted that the police already talked to the relatives and the wife of the invader.

He also added that the hostages are "in good condition". "I hope that soon the situation will be resolved," - said Avakov. Thus the Compressor refuses to proposals to transfer water to the hostages.

The interior Ministry of Ukraine expects that "in the near future the situation will be resolved".