SK filed a case of fraud in the repair of roads in the Murmansk region

The investigators of Department on investigation of especially important cases of the SU IC of Russia on the Murmansk region opened a criminal case on fraud committed in the repair of roads in Murmansk, the press service of the regional Department.

According to investigators, in the spring of 2019 between Murmansk municipal budgetary institution "Department of road Management" and commercial construction and repair organization was signed a number of agreements on performance of works on repair of roads of General use in the city of Murmansk.

"The total amount of contracts amounted to more than 399 million rubles allocated for these purposes from the Federal budget of the Russian Federation. During the renovations of the controlling organization identified a number of shortcomings in terms of inconsistency of the thickness of the asphalt pavement the design-estimate documentation," - said the press service.

As noted in the Department, the identified deficiencies were not corrected by October 2019, that is, within the period prescribed by the terms of the contract. Moreover, the staff of the implementing organisation and officials of the Department of road economy, responsible for the acceptance of the work, made the acts of acceptance and a certificate of value containing knowingly false data on performance of works on the territory of Oktyabrsky and Pervomaisky administrative districts of Murmansk in full.

"On the basis of these documents the misled employees of the Ministry of transport and road facilities of Murmansk region made a payment of unfair adopted by the Department of road management works in excess of 7.1 million rubles," - explained in the SUCK.

At present investigative actions are carried out, including the location of the Department of road economy, implementing organization, as well as at the place of residence of a number of officers searched.