The President of Azerbaijan stated that there is no need to mobilize

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated that about 50 thousand of citizens have applied to participate in the fighting, but at the moment there is no need of mobilization.

"In less than a week the application is submitted almost 50 thousand citizens of Azerbaijan, most of them young people. I am grateful to them. They are ready to die for Karabakh. I am grateful to their parents for the upbringing of these children. Today the Azerbaijani army is fully equipped, there is no need to mobilize. But if need be, we will go for it," said Aliyev, his performance was broadcast channel "REAL".

The Azerbaijani President stressed that the international community, many international organizations have supported the country in the recent battles on the border with Armenia.

"First, we received support from brotherly Turkey. My brother - the Turkish President said that Turkey and Azerbaijan will always be together, I want to thank him for position," he said.

Clash on Armenian-Azerbaijani border continues July 12 and in the adjacent regions of Tavush and Tovuz, bordering also with Georgia and located a few hundred kilometers from Nagorno-Karabakh, where the situation was calm. In the place of the attacks are military positions stationed near the village of Movses.

According to Baku, died 12 Azerbaijani servicemen, including a General. The Armenian side announced the deaths of four soldiers, and wounding ten military and one civilian. Azerbaijan and Armenia blame for the attacks on each other. A number of countries and international organizations expressed concern about the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and urged the parties to dialogue. The Russian foreign Ministry expressed readiness to mediate for the stabilization of the situation in the region.