The CEC instructed to check the lists for the vote on the amendments

The CEC instructed election commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation to check the lists of 23 thousand citizens voting online or via the registration, subject to a dual vote for amendments to the Constitution: will be opened the sealed bags with election documents, said the Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev.

The vote on the amendments was held from 25 June to 1 July.

"To instruct the election commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation: open sealed bags (boxes) containing the list of participants in a nationwide vote, according to the number list of polling stations specified in the Annex to the present resolution, for the inspection", - stated in the decision of the CEC adopted at the meeting on Tuesday.

Also, the CEC commissioned a comparison of the lists of voters at the place of location, i.e. within the framework of "Mobile voters", including remote e-voting, and the place of registration.

"In the case that the lists will show the entry there, it can be concluded that the person received a ballot twice, and there will be reason for referral of these materials to law enforcement agencies," - said CEC member Anton Lopatin.

He added that the lists will be verified and on foreign stations.

"During previous campaigns were carried out similar to the procedure of opening of bags with electoral documents in order to identify cases of repeated voting. Now the procedure of opening of documents will hold the election Commission against 23 000 citizens," said Bulaev at the meeting of the CEC.