Users found the secret signs on selfie Britney Spears

American singer Britney Spears posted on instagram the photo which poses almost no makeup. And although some users praised her for such a makeover, many alerted by the tension in the eyes of the performer.

Users agreed, the way she looks "Handsome", "You really is a natural beauty, I Agree! Skin care (no makeup): moisturizer and lip balm – all you need", "You look younger".

However, the model Rudy Bundini noticed that Britney Spears is clearly worried about something. In the comments he was asked to leave a secret sign, if she needs help.

An hour later, the singer posted on instagram two photos. One of them use filters to Spears made more yellow that has been noticed by many users.

"The second picture is kind of yellow. See," commented mayaahedstrom.

"Yes, I noticed it immediately. Very strange," channyban32.

"And yellow hats in the signature, and the hair on the second slide of the same color," – said bajpai_khnk.

"I also noticed, but what does that mean?" asked ashleynicole_lux.

After her father James Spears has been Britney's guardian in 2008 and received the right to control and conduct all its Affairs, including financial, in the network appeared the movement #FreeBritney. Under this hashtag you can find thousands of posts from fans with words of support and questions about whether all is in order, the singer.