The British music magazine Q has not experienced a pandemic

. Influential British music magazine Q ceases to exist, The Guardian reports.

"Sad news" that the next number (415-th), which will be released July 28, will be the last one, posted in his Twitter chief editor Ted Kessler.

In his Preface to this room, which contains the best interviews of the publication for the entire 34-year history of its existence, he wrote: "it was hard to survive all that time while I held this position, but we tried very hard to keep your head above water in a shrinking market of printed products. COVID-19 undermined all these efforts. I'm sorry, that is not right".

The owner of Q – publishing house Bauer Media in may was considered an opportunity to close the magazine due to a decrease in sales.

Q was founded by journalists mark Ellen and David Hepworth in 1986, and since 1990-ies it became an important part of the music world in the UK. The publication was known for its easy style, long interviews, a variety of musical preferences edition (rock, rap, pop, indie rock, rhythm and Blues, etc.), as well as lists of the best artists, albums and songs.