Rosprirodnadzor intends to calculate garbage and bears in the Arctic

Scientists during aircraft surveys of polar bears in the Arctic are also going to fix the garbage and "junk spot" in the sea, said the head of Rosprirodnadzora Svetlana Radionova.

"We get an understanding of the type of environment where he lives (the polar bear - ed.). We simultaneously calculate, I'm the representative of the controlling Agency - we simultaneously calculate the objects that I call landfills dumps or landfills that prevent this predator," said Radionova on Tuesday during the round table in MIA "Russia today".

She noted that the results of the observations will allow to make decisions on the conservation of polar bears.

As said the participants of the round table, 2 August in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation will pass the test aerial survey methods to polar bears. The task of the expedition – the study of the distribution and abundance of the predatory nomads (the Kara-Barents sea population) on land and on the Islands in ice-free period, collecting information on neighboring polar bears marine mammals, how they interact with each other, as well as the assessment of the environmental situation in the Russian Arctic as a whole.