In place of capture of the bus in Lutsk bombings, media reported

In place of capture of hostages in luck, the bombings, the correspondent of "24 channel".

According to the news Agency UNN, the explosion occurred around 15.20 GMT.

"We know that the terrorist dropped from bus unidentified explosive device, which exploded. Nobody suffered", - reports the Agency.

Earlier, the attacker seized a bus with passengers in the center of Lutsk, he has explosives and weapons. As told the head of Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, the offender Compressor name is max, he is a native of Russia, was born in Orenburg region.

The man puts forward General requirements and expresses dissatisfaction with the system.

As told in Prosecutor's office, during the assault on the invader threatens to blow up not only the bus but also to organize a terrorist attack in a public place. Natspolitsiya Kiev have already cleared a suspicious package at the metro station "Minsk", as well as two improvised explosive devices at the market "Minsk".

As said Gerashchenko, the Agency "RBK-Ukraine", the offender has been twice convicted under articles "fraud with financial resources", "robbery", "extortion" and "illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives".

For the present paper "hostage-taking" the malefactor is threatened by imprisonment for a term of seven to 15 years, however, the case can retrain on article "Terrorism".