Pompeo discussed with Johnson the bargain the USA and the UK

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that during his visit to Britain discussed with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the deployment of 5G networks and the free trade agreement between the countries.

"Constructive meeting with Boris Johnson today. A long-standing and strong bilateral relations between our two countries laid the Foundation for today's open debate of issues, from telecommunications networks 5G to the present negotiations on the free trade agreement between the United States and great Britain," wrote Pompeo in Twitter.

The UK government had previously announced that British telecommunications companies from 2021 will not be allowed to buy 5G-equipment of Huawei, and by 2027 the equipment must be completely withdrawn from circulation in 5G networks. As explained by the Minister of culture, digital technologies, media and sport UK Oliver Dowden, a decision dictated by reasons of national security and sanctions imposed by the US against Huawei.

The US accuses Huawei, in cooperation with the military and intelligence service of the PRC and possible surveillance of customers and convince several countries to use infrastructure and equipment of Huawei, the transition to the standard of mobile communication 5G. The Chinese company claims that the accusations are unfounded, politically motivated and violate the principles of market competition.