The Prime Minister of Sweden has estimated the agreement to Fund the recovery of the European Union

Sweden is not affected in the compromise agreement on the budget and Fund for the recovery of the EU made by the leaders of the 27 EU countries on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan löfven in comments to the newspaper Expressen.

"After four days of difficult negotiations, we finally managed to reach an agreement. Despite the difficult conditions, interests and priorities of Sweden were taken into account and supported. The contributions of Sweden was lowered, we received much than ever, discount. For the first time in the allocation of funds from the EU budget will be taken into consideration, whether the country observes the rule of law. This is a significant change," - said Leven.

Sweden in place with Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands was part of the so-called "economic Quartet" of countries that were opposed to 500 billion euros from the Fund for the recovery of the European economy to implement subsidies and 250 billion as loans. In the end, a compromise was reached and now the configuration of the Fund is different: 390 billion euros as subsidies, 360 billion as loans. In addition, compliance with the European rule of law will now become the criterion for allocation of finances. The decision on this issue will be made without the veto by a qualified majority.

In Sweden the decision has caused controversy. The leader of the Left Party Jonas of Sestet believes that the compromise agreed Leuven, unfortunate for Sweden. "This agreement, in which Sweden had to make big concessions. You can say that we are going to be expensive. Premiums increased by 6 billion CZK (600 million euros) a year, we will pay 148 billion kroons (1.5 million euros) to Fund the restoration. This is money that will be spent from our budget," says Seestedt.

From the Fund recovery of 70% should be used in 2021 or 2022 on the basis of the criteria of the EC. Another 30% may be involved in 2023. The repayment of European debt on this Fund should be completed before 31 December 2058 year.