The Pentagon has accused Russia of desire to influence American elections

The Secretary of defense mark Esper argues that Russia and other countries want to influence the upcoming elections in the country .

"It is clear that Russia and other countries, we believe, want to influence American elections, if you do not intervene. We are working very hard. The U.S. Department of defense supports interagency efforts with the Department of homeland security. We are fully confident that we can preserve the sanctity of our elections because it is the most important thing for democracy is to ensure the integrity of elections," Esper said during an online conference.

"We had very good elections in 2018, and I'm sure we're doing everything we can to provide the same for the upcoming presidential elections, elections to the Senate and the Congress," he added.

Esper also said that Russia is trying to affect elections in other countries.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of trying to influence the democratic processes in different countries, as the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called them "completely unfounded". The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking about alleged Russian intervention in elections in different countries, said that there are no facts confirming it, no.

The U.S. presidential election is scheduled for November 3, 2020.