The expert assessed the law on multi-day voting

The law with the amendments to the electoral legislation on multi-day voting passed by the Parliament in a timely manner, given the situation with the pandemic in the world, said the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Association of lawyers of Russia Sergey Kostenko.

The state Duma plenary session on Tuesday adopted the law with amendments to the electoral legislation on multi-day voting in elections at all levels. According to the amendments, the format of multi-day voting in Russia will be distributed not only locally, but also in the Duma elections. According to the decision of an election Commission organizing elections, referendum, voting in elections (including repeat voting, repeat elections), referendums may be held for several days in a row, but no more than three days. The counting of votes in this format of expression will begin immediately after the polls closed on the last day of voting.

In addition, early voting and voting by absentee ballots will not be arrange in the case of elections or referendum in the Russian Federation within a few days.

"It's a good thing and very appropriate and timely that the State Duma now, going on summer vacation, took the law," he said.

According to experts, all these measures are aimed primarily at protecting the health of citizens in the conditions of a pandemic coronavirus. "Voting during the three days will allow to make threads citizens and to protect their health and to protect the members of precinct election commissions", - said Kostenko.