The Minister of defense announced the continuation of arms sales to Taiwan

The Secretary of defense mark Esper said that the United States will continue arms sales to Taiwan.

The Chinese foreign Ministry announced earlier that Beijing imposes sanctions against the American military-industrial Corporation Lockheed Martin, which is the main contractor on sale of military equipment to Taiwan. The U.S. state Department has approved the possible sale to Taiwan of equipment to upgrade Patriot systems for a total amount of 620 million dollars. The main contractor of the transaction is the company Lockheed Martin.

Chinese foreign Ministry has repeatedly called Taiwan the most sensitive issue in bilateral relations USA and China. Chinese authorities have repeatedly protested the US because of the supply of the island of weapons.

Official relations between the Central government of China and the island province was interrupted in 1949, after defeated in the civil war with the Communist party of China Kuomintang forces headed by Chiang Kai-shek moved to Taiwan. Business and informal contacts between Taiwan and mainland China resumed in late 1980-ies. Since the early 1990-ies, the parties began to communicate through non-governmental organizations, the Beijing Association for the development of relations across the Taiwan Strait and Taipei Fund exchanges across the Strait.