In Odessa region the monument to Lenin altered in Bulgarian Trifon

The monument to Vladimir Lenin in the Odessa region of Ukraine in the framework of de-communization was transformed into a monument representing the Bulgarian Trifon, the hero of the traditional rite of winegrowers, reports on Tuesday the local Ukrainian website "Timer".

"According to the decision of village Council session to avoid the dismantling of the monument to the leader of world proletariat, it was decided to convert it into Bulgarian Trifon — hero of the traditional rite of tenants", - stated in the message.

The site also published the corresponding photos where you can see that now Lenin is dressed in traditional Bulgarian clothes and a hand holding a vine.

From may 2015 the law of Ukraine "about the condemnation of the Communist and Nazi regimes" prohibiting propaganda of Soviet symbols. It implies, in particular, the renaming of cities and streets named after Soviet statesmen. Institute of naramata published the list, which includes 520 historical figures whose activities are subject to the law of "decommunisation", and therefore, their names should disappear from geographical names. The document caused a great resonance in society, as it was not clearly spelled out the limits of its use.