Maas called for the cessation of drilling operations Turkey in the EEZ of Cyprus

Germany believes that Turkey must cease drilling in the EEZ of Cyprus and not to start similar work in close proximity to the Greek Islands, said the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas after talks in Athens with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias.

Turkey was one of the main issues of the meeting. Greece at all levels raises the question of Turkey's plans to start drilling near Crete and on the ongoing work near Cyprus.

"We talked about Turkey, about drilling. Regarding the drilling and the actions of Turkey in the Mediterranean, our position is clear - international law must be respected, and through this prism to consider progress in the EU's relations with Turkey, if you will cease all activity in the Eastern Mediterranean", - said the head of the German foreign Ministry.

"At the same time we in the EU see the need for a dialogue with Turkey, because Turkey is a strategically important country within NATO and the problems of migration. There is no other way but open and Frank dialogue," said Maas.

"We support the efforts of (the head of European diplomacy Michel) Borrell on this issue," he said.

Answering the question of whether to accept the German presidency of the EU in any practical initiative to end the actions of Turkey, Maas said: "This topic was discussed at the foreign Affairs Council. At almost every Ministerial meeting we raise this issue."

"Germany wants a clear position regarding the violations. We expect from Turkey that it should cease work on drilling near Cyprus and should not start a new activity. This condition to progress. On this issue the EU has to a large extent, unanimity," said Maas.

The Greek foreign Minister Dendias said that Ankara does not respond to the calls of the EU.

"Illegal and provocative activities of Turkey has serious consequences. Turkey ignores our calls to stop provocative behavior, to respect international law, to comply with their obligations. You know about the incident with the French frigate. We know about the problems with migrants in March. Of recent provocative actions was the transformation of Hagia Sophia into a mosque," said Dendias.

The foreign Minister expressed hope that the EU will define the measures can stop the behavior of Turkey.

He said that Athens is open to negotiations, but their condition should be compliance with international law, and "negotiations under the pressure of not being".

"Yesterday marked 46 years of the Turkish invasion to Cyprus. And 46 of the European state remains under occupation," - said the Minister.