"Promobot" supply terminals for measuring the temperature in Mexico

Perm company "Promobot" (Promobot) in 2020, the supply in Bolivia and Mexico 80 terminals with contactless temperature measuring body, said the Russian export centre (REC).

"To measure the temperature in Bolivia and Mexico will be the device of the Russian company "Promobot". Their terminals are already set to USA, UAE, Germany and Greece. In the framework of agreements signed with partners of the company, in 2020 to Bolivia will go 20 stations "Promobot thermal control", and in Mexico - 60", - stated in the message.

Terminals "thermal control" (Thermocontrol) operate autonomously, without human help. They are devices with a video camera, a remote thermometer and the touch screen. The device measures the temperature in about 5 seconds with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees. In the basic version the screen shows the notification and results of temperature measurement. In more complex versions of runs the facial recognition system that can be integrated with security systems, restricting access to the building to potential carriers of the virus.

Previously, the company with the support of the REC was set terminals "Promobot thermal control" in Germany, USA and UAE. Also during the year should be sent about a hundred stations in Europe, the US East Coast - 400 terminals, Dubai - 200.

The company "Promobot" established in 2015 in Perm. It is the largest manufacturer of Autonomous service robots in Russia, Northern and Eastern Europe. Promovati used as administrators, promoters, consultants, tour guides and concierges, replacing or complementing people-employees. The robot Promobot are already working in the Museum of contemporary history of Russia, IFC, Sberbank, airport, Baltimore-Washington, Dubai Mall. All products are manufactured and developed in Russia.