The West is losing the race to create vaccines from COVID-19

First Deputy defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov said that domestic vaccine COVID-19 — prepared clinical trial results showed the production of the immune response in all volunteers participated. However, in the Centre of clinical studies of medicines sechenovskiy University said that will the next phase of testing the drug to test its effectiveness.

All in all, Russia is the development of nearly five dozen vaccines from COVID-19 for 14 platforms. Leaders in this process are the Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei, center of Rospotrebnadzor "Vector" and the Institute of vaccines and serums FMBA.

Check the first national vaccine against the coronavirus, the Minister of health of Michael Murashko, is expected in August.

It is very fast.

In a normal situation the creation of a vaccine, and every drug takes years. Existing research protocols are extremely strict, since the product must prove its effectiveness and safety for human health.

However, the challenge of coronavirus, was forced to substantially revise the adopted procedures in the direction of intensification. So back in April, British scientists said that their goal is obtaining the drug by September.

On the development of vaccines aimed really huge forces and means. In particular, the administration of Donald trump has contributed more than two billion dollars of American and European pharmaceutical companies. Condition as generous funding is, of course, work in favor of the United States.

In fact, in the world launched the race to create a vaccine against the coronavirus, and it has both financial and political.

Policy — or rather, politics — all the more complicated. The essence is to ensure that the current history of the development of a vaccine is considered as an indicator of the development powers and capabilities. To create (especially accelerated) of pharmaceuticals is not enough to just allocate money. Necessary already existing academic centres and scientific personnel, and the appropriate professional level. And also need structures that can most effectively organize the process and quickly resolve arising problems.

This approach really have a certain sermyaga. However, in recent weeks in the West against Russia, he received a rather unexpected turn.

From the beginning leaders in the development of a vaccine were considered to be three countries: US, UK and China, before all that started.

Russia sounded rather condescending tone: there is something Russian, of course, do, but just not serious to expect that they will be able to compete with the pharmacologically developed countries.

And The Wall Street Journal and even called the domestic approach, "vaccine nationalism." By this phrase meant that our country in the development of the drug have relied entirely on their own resources and even dared to say that her first priority is vaccination of Russians, and then the solution of other tasks.

Anyway, the last month has been a significant change of the Western position regarding domestic efforts to create a vaccine from COVID-19 — and the world learned about the latest "crimes of the Kremlin."

First, Russia was accused of attempts through hackers to steal from three countries — UK, USA and Canada — information about the ongoing developments. And yesterday was even more surprising: the Agency Bloomberg reported that an experimental vaccine is available to Moscow already in April, but get her — secret — exclusively representatives of the Russian elite.

If you try to find sense in these accusations, that the simplest explanation will be the fears of the West that Russia once again managed to do was considered impossible: to join the group of countries — leaders in the development of vaccines against coronavirus.

China at the end of June, we welcomed one of its experimental vaccine for use in the army. Now Russia reports about encouraging results.

But the success of the West is not so obvious.

As for the British, just yesterday they reported about the results of the work of the Oxford vaccine and, judging from official rhetoric, those not so positive as we would like. The Chairman of the state working group on vaccination against coronavirus Kate Bingham called not to cherish too big hope: "the Fact that we may never get the vaccine, and if they get, it might not be such a vaccine that prevents infection, and one that reduces the severity of symptoms," she said.

The Schadenfreude here is inappropriate. We are talking about the interests of humanity, and even sarcastic at vital work and possible failures of scientists — and at the last thing.

Here only it would be good to always remember that the West itself.