In Germany, studying the distribution scheme COVID-19 at live concerts

. About four thousand people will take part in the "coronavirus experiment" on a live concert of the German singer Tim Bendzko, reports The Guardian.

Scientists are preparing to provide all its participants a special "devices for tracking contacts" and fluorescent antiseptic, to understand what can be done to prevent the spread of the virus at events with a large crowd of people.

The concert will take place in Leipzig at the indoor stadium on 22 August.

"Device to monitor contacts," the size of a matchbox will hang on the neck of all the audience and every 5 seconds to send a signal about their movements and how close they are from other people.

All participants will be asked to sanitize my hands fluorescent sanitizer for scientists to be able after the concert to determine on what surfaces the transmission of the virus was most likely. To do this, they plan to use ultra-violet light.

Experts also expect to visualize the spread of the disease with the help of smoke machines and aerosols. Possible scheme they try to predict based on computer-generated models.

According to the organizers of the experiment, their goal is to understand how safe it will be in the fall to host major cultural and sporting events.