The state Duma adopted the law on the duties of asguardian be submitted

The state Duma at plenary session on Tuesday adopted the law on the duties of asguardian to introduce myself.

The authors of the initiative made by the head of the Duma Committee on security and combating corruption Vasily Piskarev, the head of Committee GD on the information policy Alexander Khinshtein (both from "United Russia") and the Deputy from "Fair Russia" Valery Hartung.

The obligation to introduce is proposed to extend to employees performing similar functions with the police - for example, when patrolling the streets, checking documents or leaving on a call of citizens. In these cases, the employee at the request of the citizen is obliged to give their position, rank and surname, show his ID, and then to inform the reason and the purpose of the treatment, and in the case of application to the citizen of restrictive measures - to explain the reasons and grounds of their application, and arising from this, the rights and duties of a citizen.

Regardie employee has the right not to be presented to the citizens not only in case of threat to his own life, but also during direct suppression of violations or prosecute violators.

The question of whether employees of Regardie to introduce myself, became a subject of discussion after the story of a journalist in Vladimir. In July 2019 the portal "Provladimir" told the story of a journalist who was stopped by regardez and demanded the phone to examine the contents. Asked to introduce myself, he said that it is not obliged to do so. Later in Regardie explained that, although the law does not stipulate the obligation of the employee of Department to be submitted when applying to the citizens, they recommend to do it in order to avoid conflict situations.