A Ukrainian journalist said that he called the invader of a bus in Lutsk

Ukrainian journalist and chief editor of the edition "Censor.NO" Yury Butusov stated that he was contacted by the occupant of the bus in Lutsk, which requires that members of the media arrived on the scene, but later hung up, suspecting that Butusov is a police officer.

Earlier it was reported that in the center of Lutsk, the man seized a bus with about 20 hostages, he has explosives and weapons. In the field introduced operational plan "Hostage". Information on casualties at the moment. As the head of national police region Yuri Krochko, the attacker puts forward the General requirements and expresses dissatisfaction with the system. Deputy interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko said that the police establishes the identity of the hostage taker of the bus in Lutsk in the Ukraine, he had been introduced to law enforcement as the Bad Maxim. Law enforcement authorities opened a criminal case under article "hostage-taking", punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of seven to 15 years.

"I just got seized a bus with people in luck "Maxim Bad". Says that has weapons and explosives. People on the bus, with which it carries out phone calls, take his threat seriously. It requires the media distribution requirements set forth in the appeal. Its requirements are published. Said that he wants all the journalists came to him. I replied that I was ready to come in if it is in exchange for me to let go of women and children in the bus", - Butusov wrote in Facebook.

In response, the invader has stated his suspicion about the fact that the journalist is a COP, and then hung up.

"Here, write on my account, I really talked, Maxim, willing to travel in exchange for the hostages," - said Butusov.